CBD Oil Dosage

All OCHO Amsterdam packaging is provided with guidelines for the CBD oil dosage.
However, the correct CBD oil dosage is different for everyone. It is important to listen to your own body and slowly build up the intake. Give your body at least two weeks to get used to the CBD. To clearly indicate how much CBD is in our bottles, the CBD Oil concentration is expressed in both the CBD oil percentage and in the absolute milligrams, e.g. 5% is 500 mg. The pipette makes it easy to dose per drop. At a concentration of 5%, each drop contains approximately 1.46 mg of CBD Place the drops under your tongue and then let it sit for a minute before swallowing. By taking CBD under the tongue, it is more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The intake oils from OCHO Amsterdam are available with a CBD oil percentage of 5% and 10%. If the right dosage for you were 4 drops of 5%, you would probably react the same to 2 drops of 10%. This is of course a choice that you can make.

De intake oliën van OCHO Amsterdam zijn beschikbaar met een CBD olie percentage van 5% en van 10%. Heb je liever een andere wijze van inname?  Probeer onze soft gel capsules met 25 mg CBD + Curcumine of onze intake oliën in de smaken banaan, mango en koffie. Deze zijn ideaal te mixen met je favoriete shake, yoghurt of natuurlijk koffie!


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