Analytics and Quality

In order to provide you with a consistent product and to make sure we never fail on product integrity, no batch leaves our facility without having the Cannabinoid levels analysed. This is an extra step for us to ensure that all our products are free of pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants.

OCHO is equipped with all the necessary technology to ensure you get what you pay for. Our analytical department includes a variety of sophisticated analytical devices such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC) and a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

Product NameBatchFile
OCHO Amsterdam Banana 5%20MO038Banana
OCHO Amsterdam Coffee 5%20MO038Coffee
OCHO Amsterdam Mango 5%20MO038Mango
OCHO Amsterdam Natural 10% 20MO037
OCHO Amsterdam Energize 10%20MO037E
OCHO Amsterdam Kalm 10% 20MO037KA
OCHO Amsterdam Sport Break 10%20MO037SB
OCHO Amsterdam Folium Capsules 25 mg + Curcumin FinalGC/C32520-05