Onze belangrijkste samenstelling om u te helpen uw balans te vinden is CBD. CBD (Cannabidiol) is een van de reeds bekende 113 cannabinoïden (ook bekend als fyto-cannabinoïden), waarvan CBD de meest prominente niet-psychoactieve component is. Studies over deze cannabinoïden zijn de afgelopen decennia vruchtbaar geweest, maar er moet nog meer worden ontdekt. Onlangs is de klinische onderzoeksspotlight verplaatst van THC (de cannabinoïde die je de high geeft) naar CBD. Het heeft ontstekingsremmende en anti-oxidatieve eigenschappen als component, en het is ook namaak met het psycho-actieve effect van THC.

CBD emphatically acts as a stimulant to the endo-cannabinoid system that controls communication in the body about mood, immune system, appetite, sleep, nervous system, pain, stress etc. Although the exact nature of the endo-endocannabinoid system is unclear, pharma pursues all possible medical applications of CBD. Studies have been found in a wide range of indications such as arthritis, diabetes, chronic pain, depression, antibiotic resistant infections, various skin diseases, epilepsy and more. However, studies show that the influence of CBD depends on the individual circumstances that determine the most effective dossiers and terpene profiles.

Nature offers plant-based cannabinoids (phyto-cannabinoids) that can be found in sunflower varieties, in hops, but the best known example is hemp or cannabis sativa. Phyto cannabinoids can help the endo cannabinoids restore our body communication. With that help, our body can work miracles. Many of these miracles can be found in personal stories. Our products are designed to help you restore balance, but they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. And since no two bodies are alike, the use of cannabinoid products is different for everyone. OCHO can guide you on what to use, but it will be your body that decides.


Thanks to our purification process, we can deliver any cannabinoid level. Given the regulations, this means that our products do not contain THC. We test our products after every process, but the final product is also at an external laboratory for: (purity, solvents, pesticides, heavy metals and other cannabinoids). We only settle for the best quality.

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