Welcome to
the CBD World!

Discover the properties of CBD and how it can help you improve your daily life.

Welcome to
the CBD World!

Discover the properties of CBD and how it can help you improve your daily life.

Where science meets nature

We know the CBD world can be confusing. Therefore, we give
Answer the most frequently asked questions about CBD and about our products.


What is CBD oil?

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol and the main ingredient in CBD oil. CBD is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and helps you find your natural balance. The CBD you can buy in OCHO Amsterdam is not psychoactive.


What is THC oil?

THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant. Our products contain 0.0% THC.


What is the difference between CBD and THC?

The hemp plant and the cannabis plant are different, although they share the same ancestor: the Cannabis Sativa L. They differ in their uses and active substances.

  • Hemp plants have been used for thousands of years to produce paper, textiles and personal care products. Hemp has a high CBD percentage. Industrial hemp is a legal crop in the Netherlands. This makes industrial hemp very suitable for the production of CBD oil.
  • Cannabis is best known for its association with getting “stoned. The plant contains high concentrations of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which provides the psychoactive effects. THC oil is not freely marketable in the Netherlands. Products such as THC oil are available only by prescription. All of OCHO Amsterdam’s products are rich in CBD and contain 0.0% THC.


What is the right dose of CBD oil?

There are guidelines on our packaging for the dosage of CBD oil, even though this may be different for everyone. It is essential to listen to your own body and slowly increase the dosage depending on your needs. Give your body at least two weeks to get used to the CBD and observe how it responds.

OCHO Amsterdam products

We make products of the highest quality and only settle for the best and most natural CBD. Our products contain 0.0% THC and thus have no psychoactive effects.

At Ocho Amsterdam, we have the entire CBD production in view. More information about our process can be found here.

Discover the features of our
most popular products

Sleep Well and Calm CBD Oil

CBD oil is known for its calming and relaxing effects, which is great for people with sleep problems. Studies show that CBD oil can help regulate the sleep cycle and promote healthy sleep. Our Sleep Well and Calm CBD oils are specially formulated to promote a sense of calm and relaxation to promote a good night’s sleep. Perfect for those looking for a natural way to reduce stress and tension.

CBD Olie voor slapen sfeerbeeld
CBD Lichaamsolie sfeerbeeld vierkant

CBD Body Oil for Skin Care

Our CBD oil contains essential acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, which are essential for healthy skin. The most notable properties of CBD oil is its ability to reduce inflammation, making it an effective natural treatment for acne, itching and irritation.

Roll-ons for muscle recovery

Our heating and cooling infused CBD Roll-ons are formulated to promote muscle recovery and relieve pain. Our Heating Roll-on is ideal for pre-workout to warm up the muscles and Cooling Roll-on for post-workout for pain relief. Ideal for people with active lives.

Roll-on gels

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