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We discover the hidden treasures
of the hemp plant to offer CBD products of the highest quality.

CBD Olie met terpenen

Our early days

We have been researching and developing CBD products in the Netherlands since 2002. The founder of OCHO Amsterdam was one of the first in the Netherlands to research cannabinoids for both the pharmaceutical industry and consumer products. We are now continuing his legacy and producing the best CBD products to contribute to your well-being.

The goal of OCHO Amsterdam

Our goal is to offer the best products made with the hemp plant and to share the knowledge of how CBD can contribute to our physical and mental well-being.

We go for nothing less than the best

We understand that finding the best CBD products is crucial. For this reason, we develop and produce in collaboration with scientists and chemists and use the best ingredients to achieve the highest quality. All of our products are all free of harmful substances.

From the fields to the bottle

We are one of the few companies in the world that produce CBD extract.

Our Process

1. Producing CBD extract

We oversee the entire cannabidiol production process, from the field to the bottle. To extract CBD, we use CO2 extraction. This technique uses carbon dioxide, which liquefies under pressure and can be used as a natural solvent to separate plant essence. It is more or less the same as brewing coffee, but instead of water, CO2 is used. We use low temperatures to protect the natural properties of the plant. After extraction, the CO2 completely disappears from the final product. We remove chlorophyll and wax to obtain a pleasant taste, prolong the product’s life and obtain a clear CBD oil.

CBD-extract produceren

2. Develop the best product

Finding the best CBD products is crucial. Therefore, we have worked meticulously and diligently to create products that meet the highest standards. Our products are developed and produced in collaboration with scientists, chemists and other experts. We combine the latest science with high-quality ingredients to create CBD products that truly make a difference.

Het beste CBD product

3. Testing

Quality is our priority. All of our products undergo internal and third-party testing, as well as in-process controls, to ensure that all of our products are free of harmful substances and guarantee the best quality.

CBD Testen

Made from nature, backed by science.

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