Where to buy CBD oil Pharmacy, online or in the store?

It is important that we immediately make it clear that in the Netherlands pharmaceutical CBD oil is only available at a limited number of pharmacies with a prescription from the doctor. Among other things, the price of over € 150 per bottle makes it clear that this is a medicine that has been prepared in a magisterial way (by the pharmacist). Online providers of CBD use the terms medicinal CBD oil and pharmaceutical CBD to distinguish themselves. As a consumer, be aware that this only concerns marketing. OCHO Amsterdam's CBD is a food supplement (like all other CBD offered online) and is taken to support the body and not as a medicine to cure ailments. When it comes to your health, we always recommend to consult with the doctor, he or she can determine with you the best way to obtain CBD.

We understand that when it comes to well-being, most prefer to buy CBD oil at the pharmacy or in the store and not online like at OCHO Amsterdam. Below we explain the reason that OCHO does not use unnecessary terms, why we guarantee our quality and are an excellent choice to buy your CBD from.

Since 2003, the Netherlands has had a program for medicinal cannabis. This has made it possible for patients to obtain standardized pharmaceutical grade cannabis with a doctor's prescription. These medicines / products are available as dried flowers or oil at pharmacies.

The medical cannabis program also caught the attention of the founder of OCHO. She specialized in extracting cannabinoids from cannabis and hemp plants as well as in developing medicine based on cannabinoids (in particular THC and CBD). The products and knowledge resulting from this would not exist without being under strict supervision and licensed by the Bureau of Medicinal Cannabis. As a government organization, they are responsible for the production of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes.

In 2006, after filing various patents, the people behind OCHO started to actually produce medicines and ingredients that are used by pharmacists and research institutions. This too, would not have been possible without complying with the strict requirements imposed on manufacturers of pharmaceutical products. Supervision of this and the granting of permits are the responsibility of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (Farmatec). Manufacturers must, among other things, comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). These are legally established guidelines with the aim that products from batch to batch are always of high quality, free from contamination, consistent and the manufacturing process is well documented. With the mean goal to prevent the end user from being harmed. An intensive and expensive process is required for a product to reach pharmaceutical quality. Permits, inspections, and cabinets full of documentation are only a small part of this.

The knowledge gained over the past 20 years can be found in our CBD food supplements (0.0% THC) and production processes. OCHO stands for its products where science, quality and remaining as close as possible to nature remain paramount. When in doubt about where to buy good CBD Oil from pharmacy, shop or online? Then remember that the CBD from OCHO Amsterdam is of a quality that is difficult to match for a pharmacy in pharmaceutical preparation!

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